Bragg Creek


Bragg Creek

Peter Haar is one of those craftsmen we all look for but seldom find. He accepts challenges with enthusiasm; applies all of his skills to each project he works on; and delivers a finished product which exceeds your expectations. Over the past decade, Peter has built a wide variety of woodwork for my home. Some of the pieces were simple such as trims or adjustable shelves. Others, like cabinets, wall units, frames and doors required precision joinery and advanced techniques. A few have been complex pieces of art, combining creativity with craftsmanship. Peter’s approach to all of these was consistent: imaginative design advice; attention to detail and cost; fabrication infused with quality and pride.

All construction activities, especially those involving additions to existing homes, involve potential problems which need to be identified and obstacles which must be surmounted. Peter is one of those refreshing people who approach all hurdles with the quiet optimistic assurance borne from extensive construction experience. The problems are solved pro-actively and the project is completed efficiently.

Peter’s attitude makes the relationship a pleasure and the pieces he creates make you smile.

Rick S.


My fiance and I had Peter create a wooden box to be carried by our ring bearer during our wedding ceremony. During the consultation Peter was very attentive to our ideas and was helpful in recommending certain design options and letting us know which types of wood would be best. It was obvious that he… Continue Reading

Sylvan Lake

Peter took on a project for us that involved the design and construction of a set of dining room chairs. He was thrown into a challenging design process in which he was required to incorporate design input from our interior designer as well as from ourselves and produce a prototype chair that tied directly to… Continue Reading